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We provide publishers with ad monetization technology to maximize their earnings using AI, with insightful reporting, analytics and a team of Ad Ops experts, ready to help.

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Why Choose AskPaccosi.Com Media?

We are a programmatic ad management company. We provide you with the ad units and we do all the work to maximize demand in the back end.

Increased Ad Revenue

Algorithmic real-time bidding and machine-learning to maximize revenue.

Dedicated Partnership

Strategic help in placement and balancing user experience.

Strong Relationships

Relationships with all major networks and agencies.

Trusted By Publishers

Friendly payment terms with different types of withdrawal options and customer service as a priority.

Recovery Tool

Recovers and monetizes unsold ad impressions by locating and reselling them.

Revenue Booster

Optimizes by analyzing its layout in search for places with increased user activity to insert extra ad units.

AI Engine Initiation Production

Thanks to its features, the ad layout adapts to specific pages of the website, and ad units inside it are intelligently refreshed to obtain maximum revenue. You only need to insert a single tag in the <head> section of your website for AskPaccosi’s AI Engine to optimize your ad space. This simple solution allows you to access innovative monetization methods that will increase profits by at least 30%.

Strategic Help In Placement and Balancing User Experience

Programmatic advertising is all about balancing user experience while maximizing earnings. Things like view-ability, time on site, and page balance have major impacts on website revenue and we are here to help you make the most out of your web property.

Algorithmic Real-Time Bidding and Machine-Learning to Maximize Revenue

By combining cutting edge header bidding technology with the highest yielding networks in the world, our earnings and quality are at the top of the market. Our engineers are constantly working on better technology to maximize your earning potential.

“No false promises, only solid technology and good people.”

Ruben Van Tonder

Publishing Manager

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